JEFF KENNETH LEE is a fashion & commercial photographer based in Toronto

Regardless of the project, he strives to affect the viewer on a subliminal level - along with a strong creative intuition for visual arts, his work often evokes a sensual and dramatic flair, favoring raw, bold, and striking imagery with a touch of melancholic beauty. His love of travel and passion for photography have also led him to work abroad with commissions across Canada and the US

His photographs have been circulated in publications such as HYPEBEAST, HUF, Institute, Superior, Remark, MODO, BLOWE, Confashion, ELLEMENTS, Jute Magazine, MINT Magazine and commissioned by brands such as Caitlin Power, Will Leather Goods, Vessyl, Skrumble, Awair, Soxxy, FITC, Ad Lounge and Boost Agents


For bookings and inquiries, please contact  INFO@JEFFKENNETHLEE.COM