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West of the Dunes




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Videographer: Jeff K Lee
Art Director: Alexa Forsythe
Editor: Anthony Deluca


NIRAYA (2018)

I was asked to produce this crime film shot entirely in Cambodia. When I arrived I immediately set up a network and expanded our 3 man team to a cast and crew of over 40 people. The cultural differences, riots and political status didn’t stand in the way of sourcing a crew, actors, extras, fixers, police officers, security, assault rifles, warehouses, boxing arenas, restaurants, temples and an entire rural village.

Synopsis: An exiled smuggler, hiding out in the lawless underworld of Phnom Penh, struggles to cope with the confinements of fugitive life.

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Skrumble Network, a secure, communication-centric blockchain and decentralized social media application.



Synopsis: A coming of age story about two orphaned brothers who travel cross country to the Alberta Oil Sands in search of a new life. Along the way, they learn to depend on one another, but tensions grow as money gets tight. On the brink of giving up, Alex, the older brother, meets Flora, a toung drifter, who insists on coming with them in exchange for a place to stay in Alberta.



Do you know what's in the air you're breathing? Truth is, indoor air can be 5x more polluted than outside, affecting allergies, asthma, eczema, sleep, and much more. Awair tracks toxins in your air and gives you recommendations to help you keep it clean and safe. Awair gives you the knowledge you need to improve your indoor environment and take control.



With little efforts, Minipresso helps you prepare amazing shots, with a quality close to traditional machine. Don't get rid of your daily pleasures far from home. With Minipresso, be sure to enjoy a delicious espresso anywhere, anytime.



For a short period of time the Vessyl was sold in Apple Stores. Shot in San Francisco, this photo and film project was for a company that measured hydration for living a better lifestyle.

Pryme Vessyl tracks your unique hydration needs, so that you are always at your Pryme: helping you stay mentally sharp and physically strong.



The Vortx unit reads images on the screen and matches them to the sound files in real time to ensure accuracy. Based on those readings Vortx provides warm or cool air, like a fan, adding presence and depth to your experience, immersing you in a game like never before